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Connetix Tiles | 106 Piece Pastel Ball Run Set

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  • $126.65

Featuring pastel connector tiles and 8 pastel wooden balls, along with our classic ball run pieces – unique exclusively designed clear fluted tubes, x2 special effect stair soundscape tubes, x2 S-bend tubes AND x2 split tubes for racing fun! This is the perfect addition to our standard tile packs and a wonderful way to explore gravity and motion.

  • Encourages STEAM learning and the development of fine and gross motor skills.
  • Watch as children create bigger castles and rockets, explore patterns and shapes, create colour sorting boxes, plus so much more
  • Support the development of perseverance and resilience as children design larger scale builds, testing the limits of their imagination.

With this open-ended Pastel Ball Run Pack, the whole family can enjoy endless ball run designs PLUS explore the limitless potentials for your ball run pieces – from sensory runs, sorting tubes, mazes, and so much more!

Each set includes:

  • 48 x ball run squares
  • 8 x balls
  • 2 x Y Shape Split Tubes
  • 2 x Long Stairs
  • 2 x S Bend Tubes
  • 8 x U Shaped Tubes (180 degree bend)
  • 8 x Slide Tubes
  • 12 x Right Angle Tubes (90 degree bend)
  • 6 x Long Straight Tubes
  • 8 x Short Straight Tubes
  • 2 x Bowls